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Southern Asia

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Rona Anderson-Witty - Elective, Bangladesh, Summer 2012
Bangladesh is not an easy country to visit, there is no hint of a tourist industry and foreign visitors are a few and far between, I spent the vast majority of my time in Dhaka (most recently voted the worlds least liveable city in a list of 140) working at the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research....Read more


Henri Decoeur – Burma, Summer 2012
The grant generously awarded by the Ziegler Trust Fund allowed me to travel to Myanmar (Burma) for an internship at the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in August–September 2012. This internship has proven extremely interesting for my research on State-organised crime and kleptocracy.... Read more


Sara Batts (Theology for Ministry) – Cambodia, Summer 2015
This short visit had a number of aims. I wanted to understand what Christianity looked like in a culture that is Buddhist; to see how Cambodian cultural values worked or clashed with Christian values; and to see something of the post-Khmer Rouge society...Read more


Christelle Perera - Sri Lanka, Summer 2016
When researching areas to explore for my dissertation, one country which I found particularly striking was Sri Lanka. Here is a country experiencing rapid development since the Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004 and the end of the Civil War in 2009...Read more

Charlie Crisp (Computer Science) – Madanyu, India, 2016
The purpose of my trip to India was to run the first trials of a project aiming to combine computer literacy and music education through the use of ukuleles and the Raspberry Pi computers. This project was developed by myself in collaboration with the Cambridge-based social enterprise ‘Madanyu’ and the Indian NGO ‘Agastya’...Read more

James Hutt (Natural Sciences) - India, Summer 2014
Last summer I was lucky enough to travel to India for 4 weeks and to visit some of their most impressive cultural, historic and scientific landmarks. India, I found, has a rich tradition of supporting scientific research hand in hand religion and is now the location for many scientific industries...Read more

Josephine Huetlin (Philosophy) - Internship in New Delhi, Summer 2014
I spent 10 weeks of the summer doing a legal internship for the Human Rights Law Network in Delhi. After two years of very abstract political philosophy, I wanted to work on a practical human rights project. At HRLN, I would be working in the office which focuses on cases involving reproductive rights, women’s rights and prisoners rights.....Read more

Cameron Dashwood (Natural Sciences) – India, Summer 2014
The progression of the natural sciences in the Western world has often been at odds with the religious establishment. During my travels around India, it therefore surprised me that nearly all of the early advances were inspired by religious teachings. This dichotomous synthesis of science and religion was to feature repeatedly during my travels. My first stop was in Delhi...Read more

Beth Swords (History) – Rickshaw Sports Project Trip to India and Nepal, Summer 2013
The Rickshaw Sports Project involves a team of Cambridge students conducting sports projects in disadvantaged schools in India and Nepal . Our team of six spent two weeks in Lucknow and Delhi respectively and then a further two weeks in Kathmandu...Read more

Patrick Clibbens (History PhD) – New Delhi, India, Lent Term 2013
With the travel grant kindly made to me by Pembroke College, I was able to afford a second research trip to Delhi to pursue my doctoral research on the Indian Emergency, 1975-77. The chief object of my research trip was to study the personal papers of a number of individuals... Read more

Danika Parikh (PhD in Archaeology)- India, November 2012- January 2013
Thanks to the travel grant from Pembroke I was able to spend nearly three months in India doing data collection that was crucial for my thesis. My research is on the Indus Civilisation (3200-1900 BC) of northwest South Asia. I work chiefly on the ceramics from village sites in northwest India... Read more

Imma Ramos (History of Art PhD) - Bengal & Assam, Summer 2012
My time in Bengal and Assam (from July - September 2Ol2) was incredibly productive. I visited 14 Shakti Pitha pilgrimage sites across rural West Bengal and was accompanied by a translator so I was able to carry out interviews with the local priests and pilgrims.... Read more

Amalie Roche (Veterinary Medicine) - Rajasthan, December 2012
This Christmas I spent a month working at an animal hospital and rescue centre called the ‘Tree of Life for Animals’, (TOLFA), situated near Ajmer, in the state of Rajasthan in Northern India. I was one of four Cambridge vet students who went out to volunteer there during December.... Read more

Helen Salvage – Dehradun, India, Summer 2012
I spent this summer in Dehradun, Northern India, working with the Latika Roy foundation, a charity which works with young people with developmental disabilities. The foundation runs several projects, including the Vocational Training Centre and Karuna Vihar Special School where I spent most of my time.... Read more

Frankie Sanders Hewett - TOLFA, Rajasthan, Summer 2012
During the summer of 2012 I visited TOLFA (Tree Of Life For Animals) in Rajasthan, India. TOLFA was set up in 2005 as an animal charity primarily targeted at animal birth control and rabies vaccination. The centre also cares for ill or injured animals from the local area and runs a free working animal clinic... Read more


Theresa Zeisner (Natural Sciences) - Operation Wallacea, Indonesia, Summer 2016
This summer I had the opportunity to go on a 4-week expedition to Indonesia, working as a marine research assistant with Operation Wallacea. Operation Wallacea is an organisation that runs biological and conservation management research programmes in remote locations across the world. Excited and nervous, I boarded the first plane...Read more

Kane Hippisley-Gatherum - Indonesia, Summer 2015
Thanks to the Patrick Graham trust fund and Pembroke College I was able to visit Indonesia this summer in order to further explore the relationship between conspiracy theories and the media in the world's most populous Islamic country. The trip consisted of visits to three diverse islands: Java, Sulawesi and Bali...Read more

Beatrice Cadwallader - Indonesia Summer 2015
I travelled to Tana Toraja in South Sulawesi, Indonesia, to examine the relationship between ‘modern’ religion and traditional animist beliefs, which is prevalent throughout Indonesia. My interest was aroused by my mother’s accounts of her upbringing as a Roman Catholic in Jakarta, Java...Read more


Lucy Lim – Malaysia, Summer 2015
I spent nearly three months in Malaysia interning at the Ministry of Women, Family and Development and the Asia-Pacific Resource and Research Centre for Women, an NGO specialising in sexual and reproductive health rights.. Read more

Maya Kaye – Turtles in Malaysia, Summer 2013
In July 2013 I travelled to South East Asia in order to partake in the Lang Tengah Turtle Watch project. The project’s main aim is to save Turtles inhabiting Pulau Lang Tengah, a small island off of the East Coast of Malaysia, and the surrounding area, from extinction....Read more


Clo Ryan (HSPS) and Jessica Flavell (PBS) – Nepal, Summer 2016
With the help of a Pembroke travel grant, we travelled to the Sindupalchoc region of Nepal, and spent 4 weeks teaching English in a small Primary School in the Himalayas. We volunteered with HELP, a Nepalese NGO which aims to support schools in remote regions. As a result of the recent earthquake, the conditions of the village were very poor...Read more

Ciara Rowland-Simms (Physics) – Shree Narayan School, Ichok, Nepal, Summer 2014
I travelled to the Helambu region of Nepal during August 2014 with (HELP).  I stayed with a host family for 4 weeks, teaching 5 periods a day 6 days a week as a volunteer, teaching English to students aged 6-14 years in classes of up to 50..Read more

Sam Lambrick (Natural Sciences) - Nepal, Summer 2014
During August and September of 2014 I travelled to Nepal with the charity HELP to volunteer as an English teacher. As well as teaching English we also taught Science and Mathematics as the level of understanding of these subjects appeared to be quite low among the teachers...Read more

Katrine Petersen (HSPS) – Nepal, 2014
With the support of a Pembroke travel grant, I spent five weeks at a small school in the rural area of Helambu. The experience of teaching at a severely underprivileged school, poorly connected to the principal infrastructure of the area and left behind by the government , was filled with great challenges, positive as well as negative....Read more

Helen Pruzina (HSPS) - Teaching in Helambu, Nepal, Summer 2014
In summer 2014 I was fortunate enough to travel to the remote Helambu region of Nepal, to volunteer as a teacher for four weeks. My friend and I were placed at Shree Kyaule Thana Primary School in Gufa village, and once there we quickly discovered that the children’s English was practically non-existent.... Read more

Sarah Howden (English) – Shree Narayan School, Nepal, Summer 2014
I spent four weeks teaching in a Nepalese school with Helambu Education and Livelihood Project (HELP), based in Kathmandu. I stayed with Aiti, an English teacher at the placement school, and her family. The village, Ichok, situated in the mountainous Helambu region... Read more

Richard Parkinson (Engineering) - Nepal – Summer 2014
I set off from Gatwick airport with my friend Sam. I’d played the organ for a friend’s wedding the day before and was already feeling shattered. With only a camping rucksack and a small bag to get me through 4 weeks of the unknown, I felt quite apprehensive about the whole trip.... Read more

Coco Day (Natural Sciences) – Nepal, Summer 2014
This summer I spent part of my holiday in the Helambu region of Nepal, living alongside and teaching locals in a very small, rural village. The village my volunteering partner Helen and I stayed in is called Gufa, located a three-hour bus ride and then a five-hour steep uphill walk away from Kathmandu....Read more

Maev Conneely McInerney - Tamang through their rituals - Nepal 2013
I was fortunate enough to see two rituals in Nepal in the summer of 2013. The first is the Hindu festival of Janai Purnima, an important rite of purity and security. While I was in the village teaching in the school one of my colleagues, Bim, got engaged and married...Read more

Chloe Ramambason – Helambu, Nepal, Summer 2013
During September 2013 I volunteered in a small primary school in the Helambu region of Nepal. During my immersive stay I taught both English and biology to students between the ages of 5 and 17. The Helambu region is very remote, and parts of it only accessible by foot...Read more

Fabia Crole (Classics) - Nepal, Summer 2013
Over the summer I spent 6 weeks in Nepal with the student-run organisation CVN (Cambridge Volunteers Nepal). CVN is part of HVP (Hindu Vidyapeeth) - a charity tackling educational problems in Nepal...Read more

Jessica Currie - Nepal August 2013
For five weeks, myself and a friend travelled to Helambu in Nepal to undertake a volunteering program with the organisation Helambu Education and Livelihood Project (HELP)!...Read more

Charlotte Chorley (English) – Nepal, Summer 2013
I took part in a summer volunteering project in the Helambu region of Nepal. For four weeks I volunteered at ShreeBhumeshowri Secondary School in Churitar, Helambu on behalf of CU HELP. The purpose of our trip was to teach English to the children at the school ... Read more


Rob Sanders (Natural Sciences) – Philippines, Summer 2015
Upon graduation one is faced with the rather ominous task of filling, but not wasting, the long vacation. “The last long break before the working world”. With a love of scuba diving and a fascination with sea life I knew how I would spend my summer - in marine conservation... Read more

Richard Coates (Law)– Philippines, Christmas 2011
On Boxing Day, when I would normally be gorging on the leftovers of a fabulous Christmas dinner, I instead found myself flying half way around the world to Manila, capital of the Philippines, to represent Cambridge in the World University Debating Championships.... Read more


Beth Swords (History) - Singapore and Indonesia, Summer 2014
The main academic reason for the trip was to gain understanding of how different cultures approach consumption and the birth of consumerism – I am researching whether a process like the Renaissance was unique to Europe or part of an international trend...Read more

Yemi Ogunyemi (Engineering) – Singapore, Summer 2012
There are numerous indicators that Singapore is a unique place; it has blossomed into a highly developed country, it is a paragon of the benefits of a dictatorship, but, most interestingly, because of its size and location, it is currently struggling with an acute lack of space and insufficient resources...Read more

Linda Wang – Singapore, Summer 2012
I had always been intrigued by Singapore, its relatively new history and multiculturalism, so after being offered internships to work in two law firms, I was eager to live in a completely foreign city on my own as well as experience a fruitful internship as a lawyer....Read more


Tom Baxter – Taiwan, summer 2015
I was lucky enough to travel to the beautiful island of Taiwan to embark on a semi-intensive language course in modern Chinese for two months. Obviously, this was immediately an appealing prospect...Read more