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Tom Andersson (Engineering) – Cambridge, Summer 2016
For my summer I stayed in Cambridge for 10 weeks to complete a placement with the Use Less Group in the Engineering Department. The Use Less Group is an academic team committed to reducing material wastage in the UK, for example by producing novel sheet metal-forming techniques...Read more

Gaia Laidler – Construction College, Norfolk, May 2016
I went to Construction College for a week to build a small scale oil-rig. In the first phase of the construction week, I was the Construction Leader. In the second phase of the construction week, I was a general worker on the Surveying Team...Read more

Coco Day (Natural Sciences) - Wolfson Molecular Imaging Centre (WMIC), Manchester, Summer 2015
This summer, I spent eight weeks in Manchester at the Wolfson Molecular Imaging Centre (WMIC), a laboratory on the site of The Christie, a hospital famous for its cancer treatment. Correspondingly much of the work done at WMIC is related to cancer research...Read more

Ben Walton (Natural Sciences) -  Slapton Ley, Devon,  March 2015
I spent a week at Slapton Ley, Devon, as part of the Pt IA Evolution and Behaviour course.  The woods around Slapton Ley have a diverse range of flora and were a great opportunity to see many of the plant groups which had been discussed in the lecture series in Michaelmas. The Ley itself was an excellent opportunity to look at a freshwater ecosystem...Read more

Bryan Ormond (Engineering) - Norfolk, Spring 2015
As part of the third year GD1 Constructionarium engineering module, we went to Birchen Newton in Norfolk to build a scaled version of the Millau viaduct in France.... Read more

Jacob Ashton (Natural Sciences) – Pembrokeshire, Orielton Field Trip Report, March 2015
I and several dozen other students headed to Orielton Field Centre with the aim of investigating the variety of ecosystems found in the area. On the first day we spent the morning exploring the surrounding woodland, finding a variety of plant species which exhibited various interesting traits...Read more

Catriona Grant (History of Art) - Durham, January 2014
In preparation for a paper I am taking this term on Romanesque Art and Architecture, I travelled up to Durham for a weekend to see some of the finest surviving examples of Norman architecture in Britain....Read more

Beth Howe - 13th Oxford School of Neutron Scattering, September 2013
This is a two-week school where the fundamental theory behind neutron diffraction and spectroscopy is taught and different techniques for applying neutron scattering to structural studies are discussed....Read more

Theodore Hill - Magdalen College, Oxford - Summer 2013
I spent 30 August to 1 September taking part in a course for organ scholars run by Oundle for Organists, directed by Robert Quinney (Director of Music at Peterborough Cathedral). He gave each participant an organ lesson with the others in attendance, and it was extremely illuminating...Read more

Kathy Darragh - Juniper Hall Field Centre, Surrey, Summer 2013
In July 2013 I stayed at Juniper Hall Field Centre near Dorking, Surrey. It was a field course for Part IB Ecology and the purpose was as an introduction to the subject and to allow us to carry out field work which could be the basis of a project...Read more

Kathy Darragh (Natural Sciences) - Slapton Ley Field Centre, March 2013
I went to Slapton Ley Field Centre for a week as part of my Evolution and Behaviour course. Throughout the stay we were looking at the adaptations of different organisms to their habitats...Read more

Pamela Black(Education PhD) - EERA Summer School on Writing for Dissemination, Birmingham, June 2012, 
This summer school provided an excellent opportunity to focus on academic writing skills with fellow early career researchers, under the expert guidance of experienced academics...Read more

Kathy Darragh (Natural Sciences) - Slapton Ley Field Centre, March 2013
I went to Slapton Ley Field Centre as part of my Evolution and Behaviour course. We were looking at the adaptations of different organisms to their habitats, evolutionary trends, and their implications. The first day we visited the Eden Project...Read more

Susie Thom (Preclinical Medicine) – London, Christmas 2012
I travelled to London on several occasions to make use of the archives at the Royal Society.  I am writing a dissertation about a period of dispute in the Royal Society in the late 18th century – a series of events termed the ‘Mathematician’s Mutiny’...  Read more


Teresa Händel (MPhil in Archaeology) - Ireland 2014
The trip to Western Ireland in June 2014 was part of my dissertation research to conceptualize the idea of heritage trails in reference to their evolution and biography. Going to Ireland I was able to walk the Croagh Patrick Heritage Trail in order to explore and map the trail, consult relevant stakeholders and collect the data necessary to answer the underlying research questions ...Read more


Dan Sanderson – Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Summer 2016
With help from a generous Pembroke travel grant I was able to spend a month this summer at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival performing in CUADC’s production of Kate Tempest’s Wasted. The play was adapted to be performed in a 50 minute slot at Olive Studio, Greenside Infirmary Street for a two week run...Read more

Gaia Laidler – Civil Engineering field trip to Scotland, Summer 2016
On the 26th of July I went on a 2 week surveying course with the Department of Engineering. The course is part of my fourth year studies in Civil Engineering. We spent 2 weeks learning about high accuracy surveying in a hilly landscape...Read more

Robert Eyers - Edinburgh Fringe 2015
The Edinburgh Fringe is an astonishing place to be, whether as a performer, writer or audience member. I managed to pull off all three during my stay in the summer, performing in the CUADC production ‘Picasso Stole the Mona Lisa’, writing and performing comedy for the daily Free Footlights show...Read more

Eleanor Mitchell – Edinburgh Festival, Summer 2015
This summer, thanks to a generous grant from the Pembroke Players’ Peter Cook Fund, I was lucky enough to be able to take part in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival as Stage Manager for the CUMTS musical Pippin. I had never been involved in theatre before starting at Cambridge...Read more

John King (English) – Edinburgh Fringe, 2014
I was fortunate enough to spend four weeks at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival , where I produced a revival of Occupied, a comic play by Harry Buckoke. The play is about a group of students who interrupt a performance of The Producers and hold a ‘sit-in’ at a theatre in protest...Read more

Isobel Gooder (MML) – Edinburgh Festival, Summer 2014
After two very successful runs in Cambridge I was very happily surprised to be given the part of Idek in ‘God on Trial’. The very hard-hitting play transports the audience to a blockhouse in Auschwitz.  I was the only Pembroke member in the 14-strong cast ....Read more

Tom Bamford (Natural Sciences) - Institute for Astronomy, Edinburgh, Summer 2014
During July and August this summer I worked at the Institute for Astronomy at Edinburgh University undertaking one of the summer research projects they offer to undergraduate students. I worked on my own, guided by a postdoctoral supervisor, on a project entitled ‘Dust in Galaxies across the Hubble sequence’...Read more

Constance Chapman - Edinburgh Fringe, August 2013
I attended the 2013 Fringe Festival with Strung Up Theatre Company, which was founded by two Cambridge students earlier this year. The company took two shows to Edinburgh this summer...Read more

Harry Baker (English) – Orkney, Winter 2012
This January I spent a few days on the Orkney Mainland, a trip with great relevance to my dissertation on the Stromness-based poet George Mackay Brown. Staying in hostels in Kirkwall and Stromness....Read more


Alex Westin-Hardy – Orielton Field Centre, Wales, March 2015
As part of my first year Evolution & Behaviour course I spent a week at Orielton Field Centre on the Pembrokeshire Coast, in order to gain first-hand experience of the vast array of living organisms found in the region and consider evolutionary processes in the field...Read more

Mark King (History PhD) - Research Trip to Wales, 2012
My PhD concerns the royal policy of King Richard II of England towards the march of Wales. I made three separate trips to Hereford, Bangor  Wales, and Gloucester...Read more