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Timetable for payment of College bills

Your College bill and where applicable Fee bill will be emailed to you shortly before you arrive at the start of the Michaelmas term 2019. Please note that if you arrive before Saturday 5 October 2019 you will be charged a nightly pro rata rent for your room before 5 October 2019 in addition to your termly rental.

Friday, 18 October 2019: Last date for payment of Michaelmas Term bill, i.e. Room Rent and Kitchen Overhead Charge
Friday, 17 January 2020: Last date for payment of Lent Term bill
Friday, 24 April 2020: Last date for payment of Easter Term bill – please see note on Estimated bills.
Friday, 7 August 2020:

Last date for payment of Long Vacation bill. This will cover the charges incurred during the Easter Term.
You should receive the bill by the middle of July. If you are away during the summer please make arrangements for the account to be paid in your absence.

 How to pay your College bill:

College bills are payable by:

  • debit card via the Finance Office (open Monday-Friday, 10:30 – 14:00);
  • by bank transfer (details available here)
  • cheque – please ensure that your College account number is shown on the reverse of the cheque.  Cheques may be left at the Porters’ Lodge in an envelope clearly marked ‘College Bill’.

The Finance Office will be open to deal with student enquiries from 10.30-14.00 Monday to Friday.

Students taking out a loan for their maintenance from student finance should note that the student loan will be paid by BACS and is only released once the College has notified the Student Loans Company that you are in attendance.

If you experience problems meeting the payment date of your College bill contact the College Registrar, Room (LL3) before settlement is due.  Unless authorised by the College Registrar unpaid accounts will incur a fine of £20 plus interest charges.

Under no circumstances will any student be allowed to take his/her Degree until his/her account with the College has been cleared.