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Tuition fees for Home students and EU students

The tuition fee for Home fee status students starting their first undergraduate degree 2019/20 is £9,250 for all undergraduate degree courses and, currently, is likely to rise in subsequent years in line with inflation.

To pay this tuition fee you can either:

  • take out a loan from the Student Loans Company (SLC) for the fees (these will be paid direct to Pembroke). Repayment of this loan is deferred until after you have graduated and your earnings are over a certain level - full details can be found on the SLC website,
  • take a loan from the SLC to cover partial payment of your fees, with the remainder being paid directly by you (at the start of the academic year),
  • pay the full £9,250 fee direct to the College at the start of the academic year. This will be shown on your Michaelmas term College bill unless we have evidence that the SLC is paying it.

We strongly recommend all publicly funded student to Student Finance, even if they do not intend taking out a loan for either the tuition fee or maintenance or do not wish to be means tested.  Student Finance will then establish your eligibility to be classified as a publicly funded student and will issue you with a University or College Payment Advice (UCPA).  You must send us a copy of your UCPA in order for us to classify you as a publicly funded student.

Student Finance England

Student Finance Northern Ireland

Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS)

Student Finance Wales

Students from the EU

Student Loan Company