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The College Screens

These are the official College Notice Boards, located in the lobby between Hall and the Kitchens, leading from First Court to Ivy Court.  It is assumed that notices published there will be read by all members of the College and should be regularly through term.  A notice posted in the Hall Screens will be deemed to have been published to all Junior Members of the College in residence.

Normally displayed in the College Screens are certain University Notices, College Regulations, Tutorial arrangements, Directors of Studies’ notices, notices about the Library, Chapel Services, catering information, rooms, the Nurse’s Surgery times as well as other official notices.

The Post Room

The Post Room adjoins the Porter's Lodge.  Every student, whether resident in College, a College Hostel or living out, will be allocated their own pigeonhole in the Porter’s Lodge with their name above it.  All post addressed to a student will be placed in the student’s pigeon-hole.  If a student receives a registered letter or an item that will not fit in their pigeon-hole, then a note informing them of this will be placed instead in their pigeon-hole and they must collect it from the Porter; in the case of registered mail they will be asked to sign for it.  Students should check their pigeonholes at least once each day.

Contact details

Students should always use Pembroke College as their address rather than their hostel address (Pembroke College, Trumpington Street, Cambridge CB2 1RF).  Within reason, letters addressed to the College will be forwarded to a student’s last known address; students should update their details (home address and telephone, mobile phone number) via their self-service pages on CamSIS.  Alternatively they can inform the Tutorial Office of any change in address or forwarding address.  It is essential that the College holds up to date contact details for students.


Directors of Studies, Tutors and Supervisors and all members of staff (College and Department) will all use your @cam email address, and you are required to check this regularly.