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Dignity Policy

Dignity at Work, Equal Opportunities and Personal Relationships between Staff and Students

The University and Colleges seek to provide an environment conducive to learning.  As educational establishments and as employers under the Sex Discrimination Act (1975), the Race Relations Act (1976), the Race Relations (Amendment) Act (2002) and the Equality Act (2010) they are obliged to provide an environment free from discrimination and bullying. No member of the College shall knowingly or wilfully subject another to racial or sexual harassment. Harassment and bullying are difficult to define, but the College follows a University-wide policy on responding to concerns of harassment and sexual misconduct. We keep copies of our Dignity at Work and Study policy in the Senior Tutor's office; it may be consulted there and on the College website, as may the College’s Equal Opportunity Policy, a policy on personal relationships between staff and students, and a policy on Fitness to Study.

All students have the right not to experience either direct or indirect racism/sexism or bullying.

N.B. Loraine Gelsthorpe is the College's trained Advisor in this area. Feel free to consult her if the need arises. You may also consult your Tutor of course.