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Entertainment and Parties

Permission must be obtained in advance from the Senior Tutor for any party exceeding 15 persons and will require that stewards are named to assist in the smooth running of the party.  Leave will not normally be given for such parties in College, Hostels, or Lodgings on Sundays, except occasionally for parties between 12 noon and 1.30 p.m. Leave for larger parties continuing after 8.00 p.m. will normally only be given for Saturday evenings. Parties must end quietly by 11.45 p.m.

In public rooms in College: Permission to hold parties or other functions in the New Cellars or other public rooms in College must be obtained from the Senior Tutor (at least four days before the event), full details of any event, including stewards (1 for every 10 guests) must be given at the time of booking the room.

Catering in College public rooms: All refreshment (food and drink) must be procured through the College; students should contact the Catering Manager, Nina Rhodes, to discuss their requirements.

On staircases and in hostels: Application for permission to hold parties in rooms on Staircases and in Hostels should be made to the Senior Tutor. (Safety Regulations require that leave for parties of more than 15 persons will need specific authorisation, also by the Senior Tutor). Permission for Staircase parties with amplified music is not normally given; the New Cellars should be booked instead.

Neighbours: The courtesy of notifying neighbours of a party or similar gathering is essential and is the responsibility of the occupant of the room concerned.

The playing of board, or other organised, games in which drinking or other associated 'forfeits' are involved, is banned in the Bar, Junior Parlour, Graduate Parlour and in Hall. This ban specifically includes ‘pennying’. For more details, see “Guidelines for Dining in Hall”.

Hosts are responsible and accountable for the conduct of their guests on College premises and for the good order of parties.