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Financial Matters

Payment of College Bills

Payment of Room Rent and Kitchen Overhead Charge is required in advance. Charges (Formal Hall, Buttery, etc) incurred during the term are payable in arrears and are included in the following term's bill. Bills are due for payment by the second Friday of Michaelmas term but by the first Friday of Lent and Easter terms.  If you have any questions about bills, consult Michaela Koseoglu in the Finance Office, 74 Trumpington St, in the first instance.

Payment of College bills must be made promptly. Fines will be levied on unpaid accounts. Anyone who anticipates or faces difficulty in paying his or her bill should consult the College Registrar at once, and in any case before the account becomes overdue. All outstanding debts with the College must be settled in full before a member is allowed back into residence at the start of a new term or before the College will present a candidate for a degree.

The College Registrar, is available to help with any questions or difficulties about financial matters including student loan applications and the payment of College bills.   If in doubt or difficulty, consult her sooner rather than later; she will assume that you have already read the relevant Financial Support information available on the website. If you have any financial concerns then you should also talk to your Tutor.

Information on financial support available from the College is available here.