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Fine Classification

Fine classification for the College Proctor

In conjunction with the College’s Rules and Regulations, and in consultation with the representatives of the Junior and the Graduate Parlours, the following set of incident-related fines will be in place for 2018-19:

Type of incident

Proposed fine per incident

Violating rules governing the use of College accommodation and College grounds (incl. music hours violation, disturbance by noise, and ball games in the Gardens)



Appropriating other students’ food supplies from College gyp rooms




Violating the University’s internet transfer protocol, including violating intellectual copyright by using Peer-to-Peer (P2P) software applications. Use of Bit Torrent software is forbidden anywhere on the College network.



Anti-social behaviour associated with excessive drinking (incl. verbal excess causing disturbance to others, vomiting in Hall or elsewhere on College property, and pennying in Hall, and failing to properly supervise the conduct of their non-Pembroke guests in Hall or elsewhere on College property )


Abusing College staff


Damage to the College Gardens


Causing a full fire alarm though the use of Staircase gyp room facilities, or by using toasters and cooking equipment (other than kettle and coffeemaker) in a bedsitting room.


Failure to respond to a fire alarm.


Preliminary warning sounded in Porters’ Lodge by heat detectors (in gyp rooms) and smoke detectors (in bedsitting and other rooms) with subsequent action taken to avoid a full fire alarm.


Tampering with fire extinguishers, smoke or heat detectors.



  1. The College uses a system of fines/tariffs to enforce and to promote good sense and behaviour, and respect for staff and the College. The fines are discretionary and subject to periodic review by the Proctor’s Advisory Committee. They are collected through the Finance Office and maintained in a student hardship fund.
  2. If an individual student and/or a College Society have infringed the College Rules and Regulations, their best response is always to admit the offence, apologise, and seek to put right the fault; this may include clearing up. The College Proctor will acknowledge the admission of responsibility and cooperation with the College staff by reducing the fines involved and/or ensuring that the minimum fine is imposed. The Proctor will also make clear to the student(s) in question that they have the right to appeal against a disciplinary fine, and/or be considered for a reduced fine if they are experiencing financial hardship; in both instances they should communicate this to their Tutor.
  3. The Proctor reserves the right to combine and compound the set fines either in exceptional circumstances or in the following cases: (1) if the individual(s) involved have been registered as repeat offender(s); (2) if one incident includes several of the above elements, e.g. vomiting in Hall and then refusing to clear it up; (3) if the individual(s) involved have been uncooperative with College Staff; (4) if the incident took place in another College, that College’s Rules and Regulations may also apply.
  4. In addition to any specific fine imposed, the individual(s) fined undertake to pay the full replacement/repair costs of College equipment destroyed/damaged during an incident. These include the costs of resetting fire alarm, heat and smoke-detecting equipment and call out fees. Invoices and estimates of repair will be obtained by relevant Head of Department, and are not negotiable. They will include remuneration for staff time spent on the repairs.