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Guests, Late-Night and Overnight Visitors

Responsibility for guests: Members of the College are personally responsible, and may be held accountable, for the conduct of their guests in College, Hostels or Lodgings at all times.

Keys: The key to your own room is your personal responsibility and may not be passed on to any other person or copied. It is a serious breach of College regulations to allow your room to be used by any other individual when you are not present in Cambridge.

Late-night guests: Guests may remain in College until 2.00 a.m., but for reasons of security may only enter College after 10.30 p.m. if accompanied by a member of the College. Hosts are requested to see that their visitors, other than duly registered overnight guests, leave College quietly by 2.00 a.m., accompanying them as necessary.

The Bar: Mass invitations bringing unpredictable numbers of unknown persons into the Bar are clearly unwise, and are forbidden.  College Societies or other groups planning informal gatherings in the Bar or Junior Parlour area should consult first with the Bar Manager and the President of the Junior Parlour Committee.  Graduates planning informal gatherings in the Graduate Parlour should consult the President of the Graduate Parlour Committee.

Guest-rooms: Students may book room M4a (4 beds), or M4b (2 beds) for overnight guests (max 3 night stay). These may be booked via RMS, where details of the costs can also be found. If these rooms are not available please contact Housekeeping who may be able to help.

Overnight guests in Junior Members' rooms: Visitors may also be put up in Junior Members' rooms in College and Hostels on the following terms:

  1. The host must be in residence at the same time.
  2. A guest must be a bona fide acquaintance of his or her host and be of fixed abode.
  3. Only one overnight guest may be accommodated at a time.
  4. Others must not be disturbed.
  5. Extra domestic work for College staff must not be caused.
  6. A host must register the presence of a guest with the Porter or hostel steward, (should there be one in the hostel) before 10.00 p.m., to comply with fire and safety regulations.
  7. No guest may stay for more than three consecutive nights.
  8. Hosts may not entertain overnight guests for more than ten nights in any term. Junior Members should consult their Tutors if in doubt about the interpretation of any of the rules for the accommodation of guests.