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Tutors and Directors of Studies


Tutors and Directors of Studies: All undergraduates must call in person on their Tutor at the specially advertised times at the beginning of each Term to confirm arrival, and again at the end of Term to confirm date of departure (previously known as the Final Exeat). All undergraduates must also call as requested on their Director of Studies at the beginning and end of term. Times for these twice-termly visits are advertised in advance in the Screens (the notice boards outside the Hall) and electronically, and all have a duty to note and observe them. These meetings provide students and the College with an essential means of monitoring academic progress and personal welfare, and fines may be levied if appointments are missed. Graduate students are asked to attend induction meetings with the Graduate Tutors at the beginning of their first term in Cambridge, and should aim to meet their own Graduate Tutor for individual meetings in each of their first and second terms to discuss their progress and welfare.

Graduate Tutors, Tutors and Directors of Studies are also available at regular times, advertised in the Hall Screens and electronically, for routine business or consultation by any who seek assistance or advice.