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Environmental Quality

Energy efficiency

An energy efficiency survey by the Government’s Carbon Trust was carried out in 2009 and the report is held in the Bursar’s office. It notes, particularly, that the major cause of waste – and contributor to both local costs and global warming – is individuals being careless in their behaviour: leaving lights on in unoccupied rooms; opening windows rather than turning down heating; turning heating up rather than dressing slightly more warmly, etc.  The College is now part of the Government’s Carbon Reduction Commitment which is linked to meeting the UK’s objectives under the UN Kyoto Protocol.  Major energy savings need to be made if we are to fulfil these goals.  The Environmental Awareness Committee aims to reduce energy use throughout the College and all members of the College are encouraged to support this.

Refuse collection

Bedmakers will clear waste bins on a regular basis.  Collections of sanitary waste are made on a regular basis

The Environment and College Recycling Facilities

The College actively seeks to enhance the environment through a positive approach to health and safety by control of pollution and care for the environment, and will meet the obligations under the Environmental Protection Act. The potential for pollution from our activities is assessed and either eliminated or controlled so far as is reasonably practicable. The College has an environmental action programme managed through the Environmental Awareness Committee.

As part of the College’s environmental policy we have made a commitment to recycle as much waste as possible in the safest possible manner.  Recycling facilities in the College are clearly labelled and are available as follows:

Chimney Court:

Purple bins: Mixed dry waste (all paper, bottles, cans, plastic, tetrapak and small cardboard items).

Foundress Court:

Purple bins: Mixed dry waste (all paper, bottles, cans, plastic, tetrapak and small cardboard items).

There are also recycling bins in the Porter’s Lodge, the Hall, the bar/JP and in the gardens near the Bowling Green.

Bedmakers are responsible for transferring recyclable material accumulated in Gyp Rooms (or kitchens) to the College's recycling facilities.  However it is the responsibility of all College members to act responsibly in recycling waste and to help the bedmakers in their task.

Guidance for recycling and rubbish in College

Please flatten all cardboard boxes. When cardboard boxes full of rubbish are disposed of, please empty the contents into the rubbish container and then flatten the boxes before putting them in the rubbish container. See above re specific recycling instructions

Where practicable, please ask suppliers who deliver goods in wood, plastic or polystyrene containers to take the containers away when they next deliver.

Location of general rubbish bins:

  • Dustbin area in Chimney Court
  • Dustbin area in S archway
  • Dustbin area next to Butler Gate
  • Dustbin area in Foundress Court
  • Dustbin area near H staircase

If bins are full in the first area you try, please go to another. The refuse collectors have told us they will not empty rubbish containers which are overflowing. Their regulations stipulate that they are not to empty containers whose lid cannot be closed. They will not remove rubbish left outside the containers.