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Accident Procedures & First Aid Provision

Accident procedures

In the event of an accident or serious illness, you must:

  1. inform the Porter’s Lodge immediately
  2. ask that your Tutor and the College Nurse be notified.

In case of dire emergency, dial 999 and then IMMEDIATELY notify the Porter’s Lodge that a 999 call has been made.

In all circumstances of accident or emergency of any sort, it is essential that the Senior Tutor be informed immediately via the Tutorial Office or the Porter’s Lodge.

If you have an accident on College premises, you should ensure that at the earliest opportunity it is reported to the Porter’s Lodge.  If necessary, arrangements will be made for the appropriate treatment elsewhere, either by the College Nurse or by transfer to hospital. If any person (fellow, staff, student or visitor) is seen by a First Aider they must complete an incident/accident reporting form, including the place, date and time of the accident, the names of any witnesses and a full description of the event; you will be given a copy.  Any accidents that are reported on the appropriate form will be investigated by the College’s Health and Safety Officer.

First Aid Provision

First Aid boxes are situated in every hostel.  You should ensure that you know where your nearest one is located within your accommodation.   First Aid boxes are provided for use in an emergency only and students should ensure that they keep a basic supply of first aid for their own personal use.

Emergency Contacts

A list of qualified First Aiders, and their contact numbers is available

  • In the Porter’s Lodge (all Porters are qualified First Aiders)
  • On College noticeboards and in the Screens
  • The College Nurse is able to give any necessary treatment when she is in College (see