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Electric Appliances provided by the College

If you need assistance in operating any of the electrical appliances provided by the College, please consult the Maintenance Department via RMS (select Problems..Report a problem)

White goods, fridges, freezers, ovens and microwaves are provided by the Housekeeping Department – issues with these appliances should be reported to Housekeeping in the first instance.

Electrical Installations (including Portable Appliance Testing (PAT))

All portable electrical equipment supplied by the College is PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) tested annually, normally during the vacations.  Fixed electrical wiring systems are tested at least every five years or after any significant alterations, in accordance with current legislation.

Gas Installations

All gas installations are serviced annually by qualified GAS-SAFE registered operatives.  The College undertakes this type of servicing annually at times to minimise the disruption to occupants. However, Health and Safety considerations must always be paramount, and servicing and repair will sometimes have to be undertaken during other periods; as far as possible, this will always be planned so as to reduce inconvenience.

Waste Water

Waste water systems are connected to Local Authority sewers. Waste chemicals and environmentally damaging or toxic substances are not to be poured into waste water systems (via basins, baths, showers, toilets or external drains (e.g. under rainwater downpipes) but are to be disposed of correctly.  It is a student’s personal duty to safely dispose of such waste.

Students and visitors are asked to avoid placing paper towels, large quantities of toilet tissue or other items which may cause obstruction to the underground drainage system down the toilets. The results of such actions may not only cause unnecessary expense but also inconvenience to all users of the facility.  We also ask that occupants use wash hand basins and sinks only for their intended use and not as toilets as uric acid blocks waste pipes and causes pipework to deteriorate.

Water Supplies

All cold water supplies are to drinking water standard.

Water Hygiene

Risk assessments and monitoring of water in all areas of the College are carried out in line with Health and Safety Executive Policy. Testing for Legionnaire’s Disease is carried out by outside specialists on a monthly basis.  All showerheads are descaled at least annually.