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Other opportunities around the world

Live, Learn and Intern in China (LLIC), through the University of Hong Kong

The LLIC programme consists of a 1-week introductory course in Hong Kong, and a subsequent 9-week internship placement in China. The purpose of the programme is to provide opportunities for students to experience working in Asia, to increase their understanding of Chinese society and to extend their professional and personal network in Hong Kong and China. The programme is open to both overseas participant and to HKU students, and is funded by the Victor and William Fung Foundation.

Apart from gaining experience in different industries through internship, the aim is also that HKU students will also benefit from working alongside overseas participants from top-tier universities. Companies participating in this programme range from small to medium enterprises, in varying industries from finance/accounting and non-profit to design and commercial companies.

Applications should be made through the University of Hong Kong by 22 February 2018, and more information can be found on the LLIC web pages.

Crimson Summer Exchange, through the University of Hong Kong

The Crimson Summer Exchange is a cross-cultural education programme that brings together western university students (known as Fellows in the Programme) and HKU students with local and Mainland China secondary school students in a learning environment. Supported by undergraduate students from leading universities in the US and UK, as well as HKU, the aim is to promote cultural exchange and intellectual sharing using English as medium of instruction in the programme.

Applications should be made through the University of Hong Kong by 28 February 2018, and more information can be found on the CSE web pages.

Summer Study

For more information on the following summer study opportunities please visit the websites below, and note that students interested in attending one of these opportunities will need to apply directly through the relevant institution.

American University of Beirut Summer Arabic Program

Chinese University of Hong Kong International Summer School

University of Hong Kong Summer Institute

Volunteer Work

Volunteer in Latin America through VE Global