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Lizzie McCowen

Lizzie McCowenBorn in Manchester, Lizzie spent most of her growing years near Henley-on-Thames. She attended Westonbirt school and then Brillamont in Lausanne. Lizzie was an early member of the selection committee for the Thouron scholarship and keeps closely in touch with the progress of the Scholarship and scholars past and present. Lizzie lived in Michigan for the past 26 years and there founded and built a successful gourmet food business. She is married to Donald (Bill) McCowen (Pembroke 1957) daughter in law of D.H.E. McCowen (Pembroke 1928) and stepmother of Kate Bahen (Pembroke 1980) and mother of Rupert Thouron and Rachel Vere Nicoll who founded the Esther DuPont Thouron Foundation for summer scholars from various US colleges to study at Pembroke. She and her husband have recently moved to Virginia.