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Circle Events

After four very successful launch events in New York, Cambridge, Tokyo and San Francisco, this year's Circle events are listed below and will give members further fine opportunities to connect with each other and the wider Pembroke community.

Upcoming events

To be announced soon. 

Date Event Venue
28 September 2019

The Annual Pembroke Circle Lecture 2019:

Keeping a spotless mind: the neuroscience of 'motivated forgetting'. - Dr Michael Anderson

Learn more and register. 

Pembroke College, Cambridge

Past events

Date Event Venue
23 September 2017 The Annual Pembroke Circle Lecture in 2017 was given by Dr Jim Hoare Pembroke College, Cambridge
24 September 2016 The Annual Pembroke Circle Lecture in 2016 was given by Dame Stephanie Shirley Pembroke College, Cambridge