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Paying online

A small number of students have difficulties when paying online with their credit/debit cards and this is often because:

  • The amount is too high for their bank's cap
  • The payment is over the internet
  • A foreign currency is involved
  • Applicants are using the card as assignees to their parents' accounts

Most banks place restrictions on transactions involving any of these four aspects in order to avoid fraud. If you are experiencing problems with paying online you should contact your credit card provider and inform them about your transaction, the amount in GBP and the name of our bank (Barclays Bank).

Being overcharged

It is very important that before getting in touch with us you make sure that you have actually been overcharged. Please speak with your credit/debit card issuer to find out whether you have been overcharged, as well as when and how much for.

Once you receive this confirmation please contact the PKP Programme Co-ordinator. In order to proceed with your refund we will also need to know the transaction number, card type and last four digits of the card with which the payment was made.

Forgotten password

You can use the 'Did you forget your password?' function on the online application system to get a new password.

Once a new password is applied for do not close your browser session or refresh the page – leave it open and undisturbed, ready to accept the new, auto-generated password the system will send to your registered email address.

Refreshing or navigating away from the reset-password page on IP Online will immediately invalidate the new code the system sends you. Therefore, in a new browser window, open your email account to retrieve this email containing your new, auto-generated confirmation code.

It should be delivered within ten minutes. You must use this auto-generated password/confirmation code to access your account and immediately change your password to something you can remember easily. You will then be able to navigate to other pages in your account.

The new registration code will be sent to the e-mail address you registered with. If you enter any other email address to reset your password no e-mail will be sent. Use the same e-mail address you registered with and make sure you check your spam folder before trying again.

Sending your application

The only way to apply for the Pembroke-King’s summer Programme is through the online application system. You might also need to apply via your home institution; so you should contact the international office or relevant department at your home institution to check.

Paying the application fee

At the end of the online application process you will need to pay the application fee by debit or credit card.

Supporting documents - Academic transcript

You will need to send an academic transcript from your home university. There are three options for sending the transcript:

  • The transcript can be sent by post to: The Pembroke-King’s Summer Programme, Department of International Programmes, Pembroke College, Cambridge, CB2 1RF, UK.
  • If your university has the facility to issue officially certified .pdf electronic transcripts they can send it from their institutional email address directly to the PKP Programme Coordinator.
  • Alternatively, you can ask an official or an academic at your university to email us your scanned copy of the official transcript. They should email us from an institutional email address, and send the transcript to the PKP Programme Coordinator.

Supporting documents - Reference letter

Your reference letter has to be written by a lecturer who has regularly taught you at university level in an academic environment ideally as part of your undergraduate course. Teaching Assistants can be referees if they fulfil the criteria listed above. References can be sent in two ways:

  • Referees can post their letter to: The Pembroke-King’s Programme, Department of International Programmes, Pembroke College, Cambridge, CB2 1RF, UK.
  • Alternatively, referees can send a reference letter from their institutional email address to the PKP Programme Coordinator.

Supporting documents - English language requirements

A high level of fluency in English is a prerequisite for attending PKP.

If you are not a native English speaker and are not studying at an English-speaking university you should check our English Language Requirements to see if you need to provide evidence of your fluency in English.

If you've studied and been assessed in English at university level as part of your degree, excluding in English Language classes, you may not need to provide any further qualifications but you will have to supply a comprehensive course syllabus.

Likewise, if you have completed an academic course abroad with English as the language of instruction this may also satisfy our requirements.

If required, you can scan and send evidence of a high level of fluency in English to the PKP Programme Coordinator.

Non-GPA grading system

If your university does not use the GPA grading system you are still welcome to apply.

Format of the photograph

A passport-style photograph should aid in identifying you. Please provide a photograph which is 50 kB or less in size, 96dpi to 200dpi, 280 pixels wide x 336 pixels high.

Please ensure the photo is vertically upright; a forward facing close-up picture of your head and shoulders against a neutral background that is light in colour. There should be no unnecessary accessories worn in the picture (i.e hats, sunglasses, bicycle helmets, etc), unless a covering is for medical or religious reasons.

Please do not submit vacation or casual photos, scans of the photo embedded in your passport - nor of any other part of your passport, 'selfies' or yearbook photos.

Completing the application form

There is no need to complete the application in one sitting. You can save pages as they move through the online application process and return to the application at a later date.

Receiving an offer

If your application to the programme meets all the necessary criteria you will receive an offer letter via e-mail which will contain further information on the programme together with instructions about choosing accommodation and course options.

The online system will then allow you to choose your preferred options, but course and housing choices will only be confirmed on receipt of the appropriate fees.

As rooms and courses are allocated on a rolling basis the earlier the fees are paid the more likely you will get your preferred accommodation and course choices.

If you do not secure your participation in the programme within 4 weeks of having received an offer, your offer will expire.

Can a guest stay in my room during the programme? 

You're welcome to have guests stay in your room, but only for a maximum of three consecutive nights and only one guest at a time. Unfortunately they'll need to find alternative accommodation if they plan to stay for longer. 

Before your guest arrives, you'll need to let the PKP Office as well as the Porters of the College where you are staying know. 

There may be extra costs involved with hosting a guest in your room. 

My current passport is due to expire and I cannot continue my application

You will need to have a valid, in-date passport for the duration of the programme. If you are in the process of renewing your passport and cannot continue with the online application with your current expired one, for now you can enter 0000000000 for the number and 31 December 1990 and 31 Dec 2050 for the issue and expiry dates respectively.

This will act as a placeholder while we await your genuine passport details. Please bear in mind that if your application is successful an offer would be conditional on you updating your passport details on the online system.