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Dr Rob Wallach


Coming soon to PKP 2019!

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Dr Rob Wallach

Rob Wallach is an Emeritus Senior Lecturer in the Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy and former Vice-Provost of King’s College; his degrees are from Cambridge and also Queen’s University, Canada. His research has focused primarily on joining materials, both developing new approaches and addressing challenging applications (aircraft engine turbine blades, car bodies, electronic circuits). The aim is to tackle real problems and find solutions of a generic nature through modelling and experiments, thus optimising uses of new materials and their exploitation.

Rob also has been extensively involved in a wide range of University educational and welfare issues. Additionally, he runs outreach activities to broaden access for future students, and to raise awareness of the importance of sustainability and the role of materials science. He currently is the University’s Director of Postdoctoral Affairs, addressing the needs of the postdoctoral community (numbering ~4,000 across all disciplines) in the University.