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Teaching and Learning

Our programme is renowned for its rigorous and intellectually challenging courses and at the centre of our ethos is small-group teaching. 

To achieve the interactive educational culture we believe is so important on PKP, we usually cap each lecture group at 30 students and each seminar group at 15.

We offer subjects that reflect both Cambridge’s strengths and the intellectual interests of the instructors who develop the courses. Each one is designed to be challenging but accessible, and most have no entry requirements.

How the teaching programme works

You choose three courses, each with a total of 25 hours of contact time. That includes:

  • 12 x 75-minute lectures
  • 8 x 75-minute seminars

Each course is worth the same number of credits and runs over 3 or 6 weeks. We split our courses across Module 1, 2 and 3 and if you choose to take an independent supervision, that counts as Module 3.

Module 1:     

Monday 6 July – Friday 24 July 2020                 |       3 weeks

Module 2:   

Monday 27 July – Friday 14 August 2020          |       3 weeks

Module 3:   

Monday 6 July – Friday 14 August 2020            |        6 weeks

Choosing courses

Wondering how to choose courses and how our modular system works?

We recommend reading our guidance on choosing courses and taking a look at the courses we offer.

Independent Supervision: 1-to-1 Cambridge teaching

If you're interested in developing your independent research skills, why not replace one of your three courses with a programme of weekly independent supervisions

These tailored supervisions let you immerse yourself in researching your chosen topic under expert guidance. It’s a rewarding and exciting option if you decide it’s right for you.

Advance Reading

Before you start PKP, we’ll confirm if you need to read any materials to prepare for your courses.

Once you’re in Cambridge you will have access to the Pembroke and King’s College libraries and, for some courses, may be able to access e-course readers through the online platform.