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The 2019 Parmee Prize for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise

Every year the Parmee Prize for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise showcases the extraordinary creativity, drive, and problem-solving abilities of Pembroke students.  This year was no different.

The Parmee Prize, which offers £2000 to the winning team, is a unique opportunity for entrepreneurial Valencians. Shortlisted applicants pitch their ideas to a panel of expert judges. All applicants receive advice and mentoring from both the judging panel and sponsor Richard Parmee (1970).

This year the prize was awarded to Katie Fox (2014), whose idea, Intelivet, sprang from her veterinary clinical school research project. Katie identified a key problem for new Veterinary graduates: having to make crucial decisions about patient care with neither experience nor support from senior vets.  Intelivet is an AI-driven system for guiding clinicians through clinical decision-making. This technology is successfully used within the human medical field, and Katie aims to apply the technology to support vets to make evidence-based clinical decisions.  By taking into account the patient’s individual situation and providing suggested care pathways based on up-to-date research, Intelivet aims to offer a vital line of support to new vets, and improve patient wellbeing.

Each of the other four entries was commended by the judges.

FluidX, presented by Neil Davey (2018), Seamus Caragher (2018), and Alex Warren (St Edmunds) offers a microfluidics-based method of quickly and accurately identifying both pathogens in blood samples, and contaminants in laboratory samples.

Abhishek Shenoy (2018) and Brendan Huo decided to write their own API after designing an app around a third party API that has since been discontinued. Their API collects data from multiple news sources and summarises articles in a news app, NewsList.

 James Weber (2012) and Adam Barker (2012) have experience both as Natural Sciences students, and as supervisors.  Their pitch, Oxbridge Science Academy, aims to bridge the gap between A-levels and Universityby providing online, interactive courses in Chemistry, Physics and Maths. Their goal is to help students successfully transition to university, thereby making the most of their time here.

Finally, Taylor Miller (2018) and John DiCapua presented PT Partner, a device designed to support patients using physical therapy either before or after total knee replacement surgery. Their device, connected to a smartphone app, would support the patient in carrying out the exercises, and keep their physical therapist updated as to their adherence to a suggested exercise regime.

The wide range of ideas presented at the 2019 Parmee Prize were each exemplary in the skill and enthusiasm with which the ideas were presented. Each pitch identified a crucial need for their target market, and sought to themselves all sought to meet them in an intelligent and creative way. Congratulations to Katie, and well done to all finalists for their excellent presentations.

Our thanks to the judges, Robert Marshall (1981), Simon Harris (1969), Dr Mark Mann (1999) and Dr Samantha Deacon (2004). 

The Parmee Prize is sponsored by Richard Parmee (1970), a William Pitt Fellow of Pembroke, and is also supported by the DG Marshall Trust.