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Coffee, Cakes and Cafe Changes

You may have noticed some changes in the servery and bar lately.  Kit Smart investigated what’s going on…

Nina Rhodes started as catering manager in January this year, diving in at the deep end with feasts, formals, and the campaign launch dinner.  While managing these big events and the day-to-day needs of students, staff and Fellows, she’s also been making small changes to improve our experience of Pembroke food. IMG_7964 The Pembroke café, which also serves as the bar, is the main social area for students, and is attached to the Junior Parlour, or JP. Just today the beer selection has been updated and prices lowered, in the hopes that more students can enjoy their social space.  The Cambridge Juice Company provides some non-alcoholic variation, and there’s even going to be a gluten-free, organic bottled beer option soon. Snacks and coffee are getting a revamp too.  Coffee suppliers have been visiting the college with their coffee carts so that coffee-drinkers can get a taste of possible options.  It’s about opening up some of the decision-making to the people that are most directly affected; the Pembroke community. Snacks, meanwhile, have got healthier and more varied, with a local twist.  The Corkers crisps – many of which are gluten free – are grown nearby in March and cake suppliers Upper Crust are based in Cambridge.   The '9 bars' served in trough are high fibre and gluten free.  These changes are all about providing tasty, healthy, and interesting options in the college’s social spaces.  

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