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Throughout May Bumps, Pembroke's crews put in a proud effort and they all bumped at least once.


The May Bumps are the University's annual summer rowing races. As the river is too narrow for boats to race side-by-side, they line up with a distance of about 1½ boat lengths between them. Each boat then races to catch up with the crew ahead of it them - known as 'bumping'. They must also avoid being 'bumped' by the crew behind them. If you cross the finish line without being either bumped, or bumping, you have 'rowed over'. The final aim is to keep bumping until you reach the top of the first division and win the 'headship' of the river.

Pembroke College Boat Club (PCBC) in May Bumps 2015

Day One: Pembroke M1 end fourth on the river having bumped Jesus; W1, W2, W3 rowed over; M2 and M3 bumped up; M4 rowed over.

Day Two: M1 bumped Downing, W1 rowed over, M2 bumped Sidney Sussex, W2 bumped Sidney Sussex, M3 bumped Kings, W3 were bumped by St Edmund's, M4 bumped Catz.

Day Three: All boats bumped except W3 who were unfortunately caught. This left M1 set to face the final day second in Division 1 and chasing Cauis for the headship.

Day Four: M1, W1 and M2 rowed over; M3 got blades; M4 and W3 bumped.

Caius retain headship of the river... but we'll be back next year!

In case you weren't able to make it down to the river, the following playlist brings together footage of PCBC boats across all four days of the races.

For full crew listings, see the PCBC website.