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Welcome, Semester students!

You may have noticed an influx of new students - the Semester students!

The Spring Semester Programme is part of Pembroke's International Programmes. Students from overseas universities come to Pembroke for two terms, matriculating, attending lectures, and writing essays just like our other students.  This year's cohort arrived recently, and we'd like to welcome them to Pembroke life!

International Programmes is now in its 40th year! To celebrate, we're releasing a series of interviews with staff and students (past and present) looking at how International Programmes began, and how it, and Pembroke. have changed. The first of these is with Professor Jay Winter  IP is a significant part of college life, with the Semester students in the spring, and Pembroke-Kings Programme students over the summer.  If you see any of our international visitors around, be sure to give them a warm welcome!

You can read one student's perspective here, and more blogs about the Semester programme here.


Thank you to Yehong Zhu for the photos