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Human, Social, and Political Sciences

HSPS infographic - c. 167 admitted per year at Cambridge, no specific subject requirements, c. 9 admitted per year at Pembroke


Human Social and Political Sciences (HSPS) at Pembroke

Pembroke has an established track record in supporting interdisciplinary as well as disciplinary studies in the social sciences. This includes our permanent fellowship (which currently includes specialists in Criminology, Experimental Psychology, International Relations, Politics and Social Anthropology), our visiting Fellows (who we encourage to interact with undergraduates), and our Junior Research Fellows as well as our graduate students, all of whom are encouraged to interact with the students through the supervision system as well as in the broader College initiatives.


No particular A Level (or equivalent) subjects are stipulated or deemed inappropriate, and some applicants apply with a mixture of arts and science subjects. We are looking for evidence that students are capable of taking on new information and thinking about it logically and analytically. Those skills may be learned from, for instance, Mathematics, History, Philosophy, or English Literature as well as from more science oriented subjects. The admissions process will consists of two interviews, one with the Director of Studies, who will usually be accompanied by another specialist member of staff, and one with another non-expert academic.  Beforehand, applicants will be asked to send in two school essays of their choice.  These may be discussed at one of the interviews.

All applicants for HSPS will be asked to take the pre-interview written assessment for HSPS. You must register in advance (separately to your UCAS application) to take the assessment.  Information about the assessment and how to register can be found on the University's Admissions Assessment page

Should you have any questions, please contact the Admissions Office in the first instance. Questions about the specifics of the course can be addressed to our Director of Studies, Dr Hildegard Diemberger.

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