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Timeline for Applications for Undergraduate Places

Date Information
15 October

Deadline for undergraduate and affiliated applications.

Late applications will not be accepted.

22 October Deadline for completion of Supplementary Application Questionnaire (SAQ). 
By 26 October

All applicants will receive:

  • A confirmation email containing important information and deadlines. Please read it carefully.
  • If you’ve declared a disability on your UCAS application, we will send you a form so you can tell us what you may need if we call you for interview.
2 November  Deadline for returning Disability Adjustment Form if applicable
8 November

Deadline for submission of written work (where requested).

Deadline for completing confidentiality declaration


We will contact you to confirm if you have/have not been invited for interview. If you haven’t heard from us by the final week of November, contact the Admissions Office.

Please do not phone or email before 23rd November, as we will still be finalising interview invitations.

November-December Interviews take place at the very end of November and during the first two weeks of December.
Early January If you are being called back for further interviews at other colleges, they will contact you by phone or email.
Early-mid January

Decision will be communicated to all applicants. We will email decisions on Monday 14th January 2019.

The decision should show on UCAS online just after our letters arrive. However, due to the postal system, we cannot ensure everyone receives their letter before the decision is visible on UCAS.

If you receive a letter at this stage to say your application is still under consideration, ‘No Decision’ will show on UCAS.


Interview dates for applicants who have been placed in the Inter-Collegiate Pool and called for further interview by another College.

Mid-late January

Latest date for those in the Inter-Collegiate Pool to receive information – normally a final decision – about their application.

Please note: in unforeseen circumstances, this may be a letter to say we are still awaiting a final decision.