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The Waiting-list

In the Lent term the ballot order will be determined for the current first years. They will then choose rooms from the rooms remaining from the second year ballot (once the first year ballot is underway then second years are not allowed to alter their room choice). At this point in time it will not be possible to house all the current first years and they will be placed on the waiting list (but rest assured all in the ballot will be accommodated).

The waiting-list is open from the start of the first year ballot so anyone in first year will have the option of either choosing a room or 'going on the waiting list' when it comes to their turn to choose in the ballot. 

Where do the additional rooms come from?

If a scholar decides to change rooms and move to a College room then the room they chose initially is then released - these rooms can either be in hostels or in College, and might even be rooms that had been 'set aside' for scholars if they were are not taken by scholars. These available rooms are then offered to the waiting list.

When will I be contacted?

Towards the end of the Easter term you will be asked by the College Registrar for details of where you can be contacted during the last week of July and the first few weeks of August. If you are not available then you should nominate a proxy to act on your behalf. Any phone numbers should be where you or your proxy can be reached during the working day (and working week). If it is not possible to contact you then you will forfeit your place in the ballot. If for any reason your details change then you should email

How will I know when I have to choose?

Once the scholars have been contacted and made their choices then I will email all students (and their proxy) on the waiting list informing them that the process of choosing rooms is about to start. Hopefully this will be around the last week of July. The order in which rooms will be chosen will also be circulated. Students are more than welcome to email their list of choices (e.g. if you are ninth then you would email me a list of nine rooms in order of preference).

How will I know what rooms are available?

A list of available rooms will be listed here and although you can't see the actual room, plans and descriptions are available here. You will need to login (top right) into the website in order to see this information. If you are elected to a College scholarship then please go to Scholars and Rooms for further details about the process for College scholars on the waiting list. If you have any further questions about the waiting-list then please contact either the JP Hostel Rep or the College Registrar