The College Nurse

The College Nurse, Ms Jan Brighting, is in her surgery (G10) during term, Monday – Friday 10:30 – 12:30

Feel free to call on her. She can attend to many minor ailments and give advice and help with any anxieties about health. A sick bay adjoins her surgery, where members of the College can be administered to if required.

To make an appointment in advance please email her.

Counselling support

Details of support available in College and the University if you are having personal and emotional problems are available here.

What to do if you feel unwell or injure yourself

Do not suffer in silence – let someone know that you feel unwell, so that College is aware. There are a number of trained first aiders around College, who will know the appropriate steps to take. Often the first port of call is the Porters’ Lodge. If an injury has occurred which requires treatment then you will most probably be sent to the Accident and Emergency Department (A & E) at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in a taxi. The College normally covers this cost.

Download a list qualified first aiders in College here.

Registering with a Medical Doctor’s Practice (General Practitioner (GP))

All students registered with the College, including those from overseas, are entitled to medical treatment under the National Health Service for the duration of their course. All members of the College are required to register with a doctor (a General Practitioner) in Cambridge so that they can receive prompt attention in case of illness. There is no official College doctor; for information on doctors in Cambridge and the surrounding area and help with choosing and registering with a doctor you can call the Cambridge & Huntingdon Health Authority on 01480 398500. Alternatively, search for surgeries. It is important to be registered with a doctor in case you have to be admitted to hospital in an emergency.

Dental care

The University Dental Service (3 Trumpington Street, 332860) can provide dental treatment on NHS terms – unlike medical care under the NHS, charges are made for these services. The service is open Monday-Friday 9am – 12.45pm and 2pm – 5pm. Information is posted on the Screens. You are nevertheless strongly advised to have a dental check-up with your regular home dentist.

Safety and security


Sexual Health advice
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