Programme Costs

If you intend to apply for PKP 2017 you are strongly advised to carefully read the following information.

The Programme Fees are payable by all programme participants. There are fixed Application and Tuition Fees, but the Accommodation Fee is split into four price bands, so you can select the type of room that is right for you and your personal budget. The list below gives a complete breakdown of costs.

Programme Fees

All payments to Pembroke will be made in British pounds, but for an idea of the cost in other currencies please visit the XE currency conversion website.

Application Fee
This non-refundable fee covers the administration costs incurred in processing applications. £60
Tuition Fee
Total Cost Equivalent Weekly Cost
This non-refundable fee covers:
Tuition for three intensive Cambridge-style lecture courses over eight weeks, each capped at 30 students and consisting of 12 lectures and eight seminars (25 hours of class time per course, and usually 3-4 US credits per course), and including assessment and transcripts
Series of evening plenary lectures from leading academics and public figures
Day trip to London
Day trip to Norwich
Individual academic and study support, including daily academic adviser office hours
College-based pastoral and medical support, including daily medical surgery on weekdays
£3,210 £402 per week
Independent Supervision Fee (Optional) 
Students choosing to do the independent supervision option pay a supplement, and once paid this fee is non-refundable.  The supervision option is particularly recommended for students planning to complete a senior thesis or graduate studies. The fee covers:
– Opportunity to undertake an individual research project in place of one of the three lecture courses
One-to-one academic supervision from an expert in your chosen field
Comprehensive feedback on the work you do for your project
– Free access to the Cambridge University Library
Academic support and advice, including dedicated Supervisions Co-ordinator
Assessment of written work included on PKP transcipt
£800  £100 per week
Accommodation Fee (Room, Meal Plan, Social Programme & Sports)*
Rooms vary in size, location, amenities and distance from the main lecture venue, and this variation is reflected in the prices of the four different accommodation bands. Students should note there is also some variation between rooms within the same band. Regardless of the band chosen, the Accommodation Fee covers:
Eight weeks’ accommodation in a single occupancy room
Partial meal plan structured to provide you with ten cafeteria-style meals per week at the college in which you reside
Welcome and orientation programme
Welcome reception and five formal three-course dinners in College dining Halls
– An extensive daily programme of social activities and sports organised by the team of PKP Programme Assistants
Band 1: £2,095
Band 2: £2,455
Band 3: £2,675
Band 4: £2,845
£262 per week
£307 per week
£335 per week
£356 per week

*This Accommodation Fee is non-refundable if you are applying through the University of California EAP or Northeastern University

The International Programmes Department will endeavour to secure your preferred accommodation choice upon receipt of the appropriate fees. Rooms are however allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, so it is not possible to guarantee that a room in your preferred band will be available. You are strongly advised to apply early and pay fees promptly, particularly if you wish to secure the more economical housing options.

More information on programme costs can be found in the Finance section of the Essential Programme Information pages accessed through the sidebar menu.