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Student Volunteering Week Part 4: Nightline

Part 4 of our student volunteering week series is about Nightline, a confidential night-time support service that students can access through an online chat, phone, or email.

What is Nightline about?

It’s a service run by students for students, although there are people from other parts of Cambridge who call too.  In addition to Directors of studies and tutors, if people don’t know where to turn and want to talk to someone who understands, we’re there for them.  It’s a listening and information service from 7am to 7pm. There’s an early shift and a late shift, and you choose between them.

Nightline logoDo you feel it’s a valuable service to have?

Definitely.  I think that it’s great that we have so many resources in college, but it’s also good to have something more for students if they need it, and especially overnight. If people need phone numbers for getting in touch with a counsellor, because we’re not professionals in that way, we can also give them contact information.

Do you get training?

Yes. I was very nervous before I started, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do it.  But you get given training and that’s really helpful.

How do you get involved?

I found out about it at the fresher0′ fair, but in Lent and Michaelmas you can sign up for training.  There’s an application form and interview but it’s pretty straightforward.  There’s a website and Facebook page.  It’s run by students so there’s a community around it.  It’s all anonymous and confidential so that no one has to worry about ringing up and being recognised.

I’d say definitely get involved if you’re interested, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it and it’s very rewarding.

You can read more about volunteering here:

A list of welfare support in College is available here:

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