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PKP Photo Competitions

The Pembroke-King’s Summer Programme 2018 is over. However we are still enjoying looking through the memories shared with us through the photo competition.


This year there were four categories to the competition: Welcome to Cambridge; Study Abroad; Friends Made; and General. Each category has a winner, but there are wonderful photographs from runners up that we also wanted to share. First, the winners! In order they are:

  1. Welcome to Cambridge: Surbhi Bharadwaj
  2. Study Abroad: Scott McCrae
  3. Friends Made: Martin Torres
  4. General: WU Di

Welcome to Cambridge

Here’s a few more from our shortlists for each category. The first category was ‘welcome to Cambridge’, and the students got straight to work exploring Cambridge and documenting their favourite parts of it. Photos by Madison Brasher, Fiona Kwok Do, Andy Xie, and Kitty.

Study Abroad

As lovely as Cambridge is to explore, the real purpose of PKP is studying. The second category, ‘Study Abroad’ was about the hard work of PKP, and we received pictures from libraries, at desks, and people exploring subjects elsewhere in Cambridge. Photos by Sarim Abbas, Kitty, Piper Pugh, Jiahan Yu, and Fiona Kwok Do.

Friends Made

If you’ve read the winning blog competition entry you’ll know that one of the students’ favourite parts of PKP is the opportunity to study with and befriend people from all over the world. The Friends Made category celebrated this, and we thoroughly enjoyed seeing photos of people who were complete strangers just six weeks ago enjoying punting, travelling, and spending time together. Photos by Jennifer Li, Scott McCrae, Madison Brasher, Andy Xie, So Beth.


Last but not least: our General category. This category allowed the students to show off their photography skills unlimited by the specific competition categories. Also, a special shout-out to Fiona Kwok Do, Sarim Abbas, Surbhi Bharadwaj, Angie Cornwell, and Kitty for submitting excellent photos to so many different categories!