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Pembroke is embarking upon the most significant expansion of the College since our Foundation.

Our Campaign aims to fund the redevelopment of the Mill Lane site, as an extension to the medieval College. This is Pembroke's moment to draw its scholarly community together and to meet the wide-ranging needs of Cambridge students and academics for the long term. The new site will provide a 220-seat auditorium for lectures, talks and concerts; an exhibition gallery; a flexible events space; new teaching rooms; a café-bar; a "retreat space" where student wellbeing can be nurtured a partnership centre for visiting scholars, corporate partners, fellow academics and school teachers; and a new entrance into the site, with a Porter's Lodge, diagonally across Trumpington Street from our present gateway. Above all, this Campaign is about our shared goal to create the best scholarly environment at Pembroke. We want to attract the best minds to Cambridge and to Pembroke and nurture their excellence so that they can go out and change the world.

This opportunity will not come up again: now is the time and Mill Lane is the place for our extraordinary ambition to be realised.

Support our Campaign.

"The Time and The Place Campaign may look like it's about buildings, but what's most important is who goes into them. Pembroke is and has always been all about its people. To give these great minds the best environment to work in will pay enormous dividends in the research and teaching that is done there. I am proud that Pembroke is taking this opportunity and delighted to support its efforts."


Peter Jackson, Campaign Board Chair