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Policies, Procedures & Guidance

Important information for all.

In this section you will find important information on the College regulations, policies and procedures, as well as general guidance.

This section will be updated regularly.

In this section

The College Code of conduct and regulations.
Information for students considering applying to the University for permission to intermit
Fitness to Study Procedure for Pembroke College
College guidance on and procedures for handling cases of harassment or sexual misconduct.
Student Complaint Procedure, for Pembroke College.
Pembroke College has adopted the University’s Policy concerning personal relationships.
Pembroke College is committed to protecting the dignity of students as members.
1. Aims 2. Scope 3. Definitions 4. Roles 5. Planning activities 6. Risk Assessment 7. Induction and training 8. Recruitment...
Guide to the undergraduate examinations process, from enrolling through to results.
Pembroke College, Cambridge: Events and Speakers Policy and Processes
Pembroke College Cambridge Statement on Freedom of Speech.
1. Introduction 2. Purposes and Objectives 3. Principles 3.1 General responsibilities 3.2 Responsibilities of students in official University online/social media...
Requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, as set out in the College’s Health and Safety Policy.
Questions regarding your College University card.
Registration: If you keep a bicycle in Cambridge, University Regulations require that it must be registered; you can do this...
Transport, and parking options in Cambridge, and the University and Colleges.
The Environmental Awareness Committee aims to reduce energy use throughout the College.
Information regarding TV licence that will cover you in your own room in The College.
Consultative Committee minutes 2019-20 Consultative Committee minutes 2018-19 Consultative Committee minutes 2017-18