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Choir Tours

The Chapel Choir embarks on two tours a year. The first of these is a Cathedral visit, and the second is an international tour.

A Cathedral visit involves the Choir serving as the Choir-in-residence for a week or weekend of services. Recent Cathedral visits have included York Minster, St Mary's Edinburgh, and St Paul's Cathedral. This year, the Choir will spend a week singing at Salisbury Cathedral.

Alongside Cathedral visits, the Choir does one international tour a year.Last summer, the Choir traveled to Rome and Milan, singing in major basilicas such as Santa Maria Maggiore. In 2017, the Choir launched a collaboration with musicians in Zambia which sees the Choir travel out to Zambia every three years to work with children and young adults teaching singing, notation, and assisting with teacher training workshops. This year, the Choir will be spending two weeks in Thailand, working with children at Rugby School and travelling out to the surrounding villages to lead music workshops.

Other recent tours have visited Croatia, Finland, Estonia, USA, Norway, Germany and Singapore; you can read about them below.