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Study Support

Studying effectively at university involves more than understanding challenging material. It means learning how to learn in an environment where you'll need to active responsibility for managing priorities and schedule. It means dividing your time and energies between the excitement of immersing yourself in new material, practising the skills involved in absorbing your knowledge, and applying your skills under the pressure of time. Finally, it means learning how to manage that pressure and channel the anxiety we all sometimes experience.

All Pembroke undergraduates attend sessions, in their first days in College, designed to help them leap the gap between school and university; Directors of Studies and supervisors then provide subject-specific guidance, throughout the year, on how to make best use of feedback from your supervisors, academic writing, and revision and exam skills. Pembroke’s Tutors have an important role to play in offering you practical advice and a perspective from outside your subject. They may even remind you of how to keep things in proportion.

Take a break, go for a run, eat, or have a day off. There are extensive online study skills resources, tips and exercises available, as well as a section devoted to study skills in the College Library.

Cambridge University Skills Portal

Cambridge online study skills