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Where will I live during PKP?

We offer accommodation in Pembroke and King's Colleges and their student residences, also known as hostels.

With their extensive gardens and quiet courtyards, the colleges are beautiful places to live and work. You'll be housed in a single-occupancy room with internet access, cleaning service, kitchens and shared bathrooms. 

Rooms vary in size, location, amenities and distance from the main lecture venue. This variety is reflected in the pricing of the different accommodation bands.

Choosing your accommodation

You'll choose your accommodation once you're accepted on the programme using our online application platform. Don't worry though, we'll send you all you need to know in your acceptance email. Your choice of accommodation cannot be changed once submitted so please keep this in mind when selecting your room.

What about meals? 

You'll have a partial meal plan that covers approximately ten light cafeteria-style meals per week. You'll eat your meals in the College you're staying in. 

Formal Hall

Formal dining is an integral part of College life. Over the summer you'll have the wonderful opportunity to attend three College dinners known as ‘Formal Halls’. These three-course candlelit meals are enjoyed in a beautiful dining hall with your fellow students, faculty and PAs, and are a Cambridge tradition dating back hundreds of years.

What about laundry?

You'll have access to shared laundry facilities which may not be in your exact hostel or staircase, but always close by. You'll also be provided with towels and bedding and these will be changed regularly.