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Vacation Study

Study grants are available to help students pursue work which is directly related to their course, during the vacations.

Study grants for students remaining in Cambridge during the vacation

Undergraduates who have strong academically-approved reasons to remain in Cambridge during the vacations can apply for a grant to help towards living costs whilst remaining in college.  Any application must have the support of your Director of Studies.  The grant will only apply for the days outside the period covered by your termly rent.  Students undertaking a paid placement will not normally be eligible for a vacation study grant.

Who: All undergraduate students

How much: Maximum 75% of the cost of your room

How: Vacation Study Grant form

Limit: 3 weeks maximum in the Michaelmas and Lent vacations, 6 weeks for the long vacation.  N.B. Vacation Study Grants will only cover a minimum of 3 nights’ residence.

Deadline: Vacation study grant application forms must be submitted to the Tutorial Office by the end of the term for the forthcoming vacation (it is recommended that students ask their Director of Studies to approve their application for a grant at their end of term meeting)