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General Admission


General Admission: Wednesday 24 June 2020 Barham Dinner: Monday 22 June 2020

General Admission

The arrangements for the day are usually as follows (timing details are provisional and may change slightly. Final details will be posted in the Screens closer to the day):

  • 11.15am: All Masters degrees and VetMBS assemble in Hall for a briefing and attire check
  • 12.00noon: Graduation photograph
  • 12.30pm: Relatives and guests to arrive for drinks with tutors
  • 1.00pm: Buffet lunch in College
  • 2.15pm: All BAs assemble in Hall for briefing and attire check
  • 3.30pm: Masters candidates re-assemble in procession with BAs in Old Court
  • 4.00pm: Degree ceremony in Senate House.
  • from 5pm: Afternoon tea in the College garden; the Master and Fellows will be at home to graduates and their relatives and guests.

Tickets for the Degree ceremony in Senate House

Tickets are required for admission to the Senate House. Two guest tickets per graduand will be provisionally reserved (you do not need a ticket for the Senate House). There will be a number of additional tickets (one additional ticket is available per graduand), and these will be allocated by pulling names out of a hat.

Relatives and Friends

You and your three (or fewer) guests are also invited to attend lunch and afternoon tea as guests of the College. If you wish to bring additional guests there is a charge of £20 per person. Even if your additional guests do not have tickets for the ceremony at the Senate House they can still enjoy the day and will be able to take photographs of you all processing to the Senate House, and coming out afterwards. Those with tickets will already be in the Senate House when you process to the Senate House, and come out after you. Tickets for both the Senate House and lunch are issued on the day. Graduands should ensure that they have given the Senate House tickets to their guests before attending the briefing and attire check, as guests will need to make their way to the Senate House independently.


The dress code is very strictly enforced.

Barham Dinner

This will be held on the Monday of the week of General Admission (Hall, 7.30pm, black tie) and is for graduands only. Invitations will be sent out.