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MA Dinner & Congregation



Rooms will be available from 2.00pm on Friday.  (Check-out time on Saturday is 3.30pm; on Sunday it is 9.30am.)

A copy of the schedule will be waiting for you in the Porters’ Lodge together with tickets for the ceremony if you have asked for them.


7.30pm: Pre-prandial drinks will be served in the Fellows’ Parlours (I and J staircases, Ivy Court).

8.00pm: Dinner will be served in Hall.  (Dress code – black tie; gowns are not required.)



8.00am – 9.30 am:  Breakfast in Hall

10.30am: attire check and briefing in the Old Library.  It is essential that you attend the briefing both promptly and correctly dressed for the ceremony.  (Remember your undergraduate gown is NOT the correct gown for this ceremony.)

12.05pm: procession to the Senate House. 

(Please note that guests will have to make their way to the Senate House before you, in order to be seated no later than 12.20pm.  Please give your guests their tickets for the ceremony before the briefing.)

12.35pm:  Ceremony at the Senate House.  Degrees will be conferred by the Master.


If you have any questions do get in touch with  Frances Kentish.