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The Pembroke Network

Pembroke Online Community

Pembroke Online Community was launched in 2018 with the aim of helping Members to:

  • Find contemporaries with whom they have lost touch and/or make new connections across the Pembroke generations
  • Keep up to date with what’s happening in the College, such as forthcoming alumni events in Cambridge, the UK and around the world
  • Help their careers by providing an opportunity to network, to post job vacancies and internships, and create industry and interest groups and events

It already has 3,000 members, all across the world. If you  have not yet received an invitation, but would like to join, please email Sally March at

If you are already a member, please login to access your profile.

Email for Life

The College offers every member of College an Email for Life address on the Pembroke email system. An Email for Life address is an alias which forwards any incoming email to your real email address. It is not an email account, so there is no username or password.

The structure of each address follows a standard format, making it easy for you to contact your friends and contemporaries but your real email address is kept private and also avoids you having to notify all your friends if you change jobs or internet service provider. Please be aware though, that if someone sends you a message using your Email for Life address and you reply to it, your email programme will insert your real address into the email you send. Please also note that this service is intended for private, rather than business use.

The format is: preferred first name last name year of e.g. When forming preferred first name and last name, spaces are turned into a stop/period character (.) while hyphens (-) remain and apostrophes (') are removed. You can activate it at any time by telling us your real email address. We will add the information to the College's database and any subsequent email will be forwarded to your real email address. If you wish to add your email address to your College record and participate in Email for Life, please contact the Development Office for more information by emailing or calling +44 (0)1223 339079.