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2019 Telephone Fundraising Campaign Recruitment

Are you looking for a summer job?

Would you like one which will give you a range of transferrable skills, which are useful for almost any future career?

Would you like to do a job that really makes a difference?

…. AND do you like FREE food?

If the answer to these questions is ‘yes’, then the 2019 Pembroke Telephone Campaign is for you.

Every year Pembroke College recruits around thirteen students (undergraduates and graduates) to act as telephone fundraisers, asking Pembroke alumni to support their College by donating to the Time and The Place Fund. The Fund supports everything from the supervision system to the maintenance of the College site; everyone who comes here will have benefited from the generosity of the Fund’s supporters in one way or another.

More information about The Time and The Place Fund and the College’s Development Programme more generally can be found by clicking these links.

The 2019 Telephone Campaign will run from 16 September – 2 October inclusive, with comprehensive PAID training provided. 

You will learn about alumni relations, fundraising and running a campaign from start to finish. You will also learn negotiating skills, increase your confidence and improve your telephone manner.

It is an excellent job to put on your CV and the Development Office will be happy to act as a referee (and/or as a recommendation on LinkedIn) for anyone who completes the training and calling successfully.

If you have a particular career in mind which you are interested in pursuing after you graduate, the Development Office will also try to pair you with one of our alumni working in that area to offer free mentoring and advice after the campaign.

To apply, click here… 

The application deadline is midnight on Sunday 5th May.

If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Richey (

You can also download a PDF of the job description here.


Testimonials from our previous callers

“A great learning opportunity, and a fantastic way to hear about real life experiences of people who have been in the same position I am in now.”

“A wholly unique opportunity that gave me an insight into the lives of so many fascinating people, while helping me to do some good for the college.”

 “I really loved working on the telephone campaign last summer. I thought talking to strangers over the phone would be difficult, but it was surprisingly natural and I learned a lot throughout the campaign. Talking to alumni about their time at college, and what they have done since was really interesting. Hearing the connection they still felt to college, sometimes years and years after graduating, reassured me about graduating myself. There were some really interesting people who I would never have gotten the chance to talk to if it weren’t for the telephone campaign.” Maev Conneely McInerney

“I’d heard great things about the campaign from a couple of friends who’d done it the year before, so took a chance and applied, and I’m really glad I did. I had some very entertaining conversations about literally life, the universe, and everything. There are some wonderful alumni out there, and in some cases it felt like a real privilege to be able to hear about their experiences. The working hours also gave plenty of time to enjoy Cambridge before the term kicked off as well. All put together, it made for a fantastic couple of weeks!” James Roberts

“I am really glad I took part in the telephone campaign. Besides the obvious benefits of free accommodation and kinder eggs for successful calls, I had some really interesting conversations. After you get over the initial strangeness of having alumni tell you their life story, it is so lovely to hear about what Pembroke used to be like and what alumni have gone on to do (and also makes ‘the real world’ feel a lot less scary). I would really recommend it.” Sarah Howden