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Kitchen Fixed Charge (KFC)

Students living in non-College owned accommodation or in a College owned flat are automatically charged half KFC; students can apply for complete exemption from paying the KFC. Any student living in College or a College-owned hostel pays the full KFC but can apply for exemption in the following cases:

  • Medical or religious reasons
  • Work commitments (e.g. long lab hours/placements making it impossible to get into College)
  • Distance from College and location of department (e.g. student lives in Selwyn Gardens and is based on West Cambridge site or at a Babraham)
  • If they have approached the College for a hardship grant.

If the reason for requesting exemption does not fit into one of the above categories but you feel you have good reason to be exempt, please contact the College Registrar.

How to apply for exemption Students wishing to apply to be exempt from the KFC should contact the College Registrar.  Students may be asked for additional information before exemption is given.  Any student given exemption will have their swipe card ‘blocked’. This will mean they are unable to purchase food at the discounted rate, though they will still be able to use the facilities paying the cash price. They will still be able to attend Formal Hall, but will need to book in via the Finance Office and pay the guest rate.