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Financial Liability

Fee liability

All graduate students are liable to pay a University Composition Fee (UCF) which is dependent on your fee status.  This is determined by your nationality and place of permanent residence as well as the type of course you are taking and the subject you are studying.  Please go to Graduate Course Costs and Fee Status on the University website for the correct University Composition fee for your chosen course.  Your fee status can be found on your self-service pages of CamSIS.  The Composition Fee is fixed for the duration of your course.

Maintenance (living costs)

The Student Registry estimates that you will need at least £14,130 in 2019/20 to cover your basic maintenance costs for a 12 month period: this includes room rent, food, books, intranet and personal expenses. Costs will rise each year of your course and it is advisable to build in a contingency amount to cover increased annual costs and/or unexpected expenses.  The Student Registry recommends that overseas students allow a further £350 as a settling-in amount.