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Your Financial Undertaking

One of the conditions of your place at the Pembroke and the University is that you provide the Student Registry (aka Board of Graduate Studies) with an undertaking that you have sufficient financial resources to cover your costs (fees and maintenance) for the whole of your course.  The Student Registry will require you to complete and sign a financial undertaking form as one of the conditions of your offer that must be met.

Your place will not be confirmed by the Student Registry without this financial undertaking.

Under no circumstances should you sign the form if you are in any doubt whatsoever about whether you have sufficient funds for your fees and living costs. If you are admitted, neither Pembroke nor the University can undertake to support you financially in the event that you experience financial difficulties and you may be asked to leave if you are unable to pay your bills.

The production of this guarantee should be taken very seriously.

In case of financial difficulty, you will be expected to draw on the money in question and you will be expected to honour any promise to take out a loan made as part of your guarantee.

Therefore, if you do not have enough financial support available to see you through the full length of your course, you should not give a guarantee that you do, and you should not start your course or travel to Cambridge in the hope of doing so.

Students who do not pay their fees and agreed maintenance costs will not be allowed to continue on their course.

As Pembroke is responsible for collecting payment of all your University Composition Fee and maintenance charges it is imperative that you complete the online form Payment of fees and maintenance 2019/20 asking you to specify how your fees and maintenance will be paid.


If you are applying for a loan to cover your fees and/or maintenance then please ensure that you have the loan money in place well before the start of October.  Simple production of proof that you have applied for the loan is NOT sufficient.  Loan cheques are sometimes sent to the College for you to collect and are often in the currency of the country where you applied for the loan.  Due to bank charges students often find it simpler to return these cheques to country of residence to be banked and the funds then transferred – the whole process can take a number of weeks so please plan well in advance for this.

The Student Registry will be handling all the necessary paperwork for US Graduate student loans.