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Directors of Studies

Subject Director of Studies
Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic Dr E Ashman Rowe
Architecture Dr M Sternberg
Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Dr A Ashraf
Chemical Engineering

Prof S Cardoso

Classics Dr T Meissner
Computer Science Dr A Prorok

Dr D Tambakis

Dr D Robertson (Part I)

Education Prof G Hayward

Prof G Csanyi

Prof G Csanyi (Part IA)

Dr G Hennequin (Part IB)

Prof A Ferrari (Part IIA)

Prof G Csanyi (Part IIB)


Dr K Ettenhuber (Prelim and Part I)

Dr M Wormald (Part II)

Geography Prof M Hulme

Dr A Litvine

Dr P Cavill (Part I and II and History/MML)

Prof J Parry (History and Politics)

History of Art Prof P Blakesley
Human, Social and Political Sciences Dr J Ellis
Land Economy Dr M Abreu
Law Mr N McBride
Linguistics Dr M Deuchar
Management Studies Dr S Learmount
Mathematics Dr A Shadrin

Dr D Tucker

Prof M Clatworthy (Clinical)

Modern Languages

Prof S Huot

Prof C Young (German and French)

Dr K Groothuis

Music Dr S Barrett
Natural Sciences (Biological)

Dr T Weil (Part IA, II and III)

Dr G Micklem (Part IB, II and III)

Natural Sciences (Physical)

Dr N Jones (Part IA, Materials Sciences)

Dr S Smith (Chemistry)

Dr S Cottaar (Earth Sciences)

Dr L Kassell (History & Philosophy of Science)

Prof N Cooper (Mathematics)

Prof M Payne (Physics)

Philosophy Dr S John
Psychological and Behavioural Sciences Dr A Clarke
Theology Dr J Gardom
Veterinary Medicine Dr D Tucker