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How rents are calculated

All rooms are allocated points depending on a number of criteria such as location, size etc. The total number of points will then put a room into a rent bracket – so the more points a room scores the higher the rent.

The two major criteria are:

1) Location or Zone – i.e. the distance from College the hostel is so a room on the College site is considered ‘prime’ and will carry more points.

The Zones and corresponding hostels are:
Zone 1: All College rooms
Zone 2: Trumpington Street, Pembroke Street, Botolph Lane & Fitzwilliam Street hostels
Zone 3: Lensfield Road & Panton Street hostels
Zone 4: Selwyn Gardens, Barton Road, Newnham Croft & Grantchester Meadows hostels

2) The size of the room – this is relative/subjective and not calculated in square meters. The sizes used are: Very large, large, medium, small and very small

Other factors that are then taken into consideration and given ‘points’ are:
Set of two rooms; ensuite; washbasin; extra good light / 2+ windows; view into College (zone 1 only); background heating; extras – kitchen (rather than just gyp rooms)/garden/bay window etc. Basement rooms are given ‘negative’ points.