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ANUK Code of Practice

Administration, Accreditation and Compliance with ANUK Code of Practice


The College is a long-established, self-governing organisation, subject to regular internal and external audit, which includes all aspects of institutional management. Annual reports are lodged with the University of Cambridge and, via it, with the Higher Educational Funding Council (HEFCE). While the College has well-established student accommodation practices – detailed above, and amplified in other publications such as the Pembroke College Student Guide – it is also a member of the ANUK code and abides by its published Code of Practice. ANUK will periodically review and update its Code, and the College will – in principle – amend its procedures to conform.  Periodic independent verification is also a feature of this regime.


ANUK has overall responsibility for administering the Code of Practice. This includes: maintaining a list of all institutions signed up to the Code, and all buildings within those institutions covered by the Code; liaising with other bodies over areas where the Code is only applicable in parts; and periodically reviewing the Code. This review will be undertaken by a standing committee representing relevant stakeholder groups, including University management, students and specialist professions (eg facilities managers, maintenance etc).  The Colleges of the University of Cambridge are responsible as one group in this task, they will take note of significant complaints made by students concerning non-observance, other breaches noted by internal or external audits, and reports from bodies such as the Office of the Independent Adjudicator. If necessary, the committee may undertake further investigation, and then issue remedial proposals. In extreme cases, the committee may decide that a higher educational institution is no longer compliant with the Code, at which stage responsibility may pass to an alternate body, such as the Local Authority, to impose changes.

College Responsibilities

In registering with the ANUK Code of Practice the College undertakes that:

  • all the accommodation registered with ANUK meets the standards and accords with the procedures set out in the Code.
  • an appropriate complaints procedure is in place, integrated into normal College practices with a procedure for reporting back to ANUK on any significant complaints relating to the Code.  The College’s complaints procedure is available on the College website
  • auditors will consider the College’s management of its student accommodation in relation to the Code, advising HEFCE and ANUK as appropriate.
  • an Accommodation Satisfaction Survey is conducted regularly and the results of the survey are published on a regular basis.