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Car Parking

Owing to traffic problems in Cambridge, the University and Colleges are under an obligation to the civic authorities to restrict the use of motor vehicles used by junior members (undergraduates and graduates).  Consequently, it is a University offence for a junior member to keep, hire or drive a car in Cambridge during Term without permission.  A fine of £175 can be imposed by the University Motor Proctor on any offender.

Permission is only granted in exceptional circumstances.  Such permission should be sought by obtaining a form available from the Senior Tutor’s office (LL staircase).  The form must be counter-signed by the Senior Tutor.  Permission can only be granted when an authorised parking space is available.  Students should contact the HR Office (L9 or email) to find out about the availability of parking spaces at hostels; there is a charge of £55 + VAT per term for a car parking place.

No unauthorised motor vehicles are allowed on the Main Court College site.

Motor vehicles (motor cars, motor cycles and mopeds): Attention is drawn to the Proctorial Regulations about motor vehicles (including motor bicycles but not mopeds). A Proctorial Licence is not normally issued to a Junior Member to keep a motor car in Cambridge, but anyone with a special case for the issue of a Licence should consult the Senior Tutor.

Parking of motor vehicles: Junior Members must not park cars in College, either in the Pembroke Street, Orchard Buildings or Foundress Court car parks which are reserved for the use of Fellows, College Staff and Official Visitors. Failure to observe these rules causes inconvenience to staff, and will attract a stiff fine. Mopeds and motor cycles may only be left at specified places within the College precincts after written permission has been obtained from the Senior Tutor; they may not be ridden or brought into College with the engine running, nor may engines be started before a cycle has been wheeled into the street.


If you keep a bicycle in Cambridge (and you will find one very useful) it must be identified by a special number to be painted on the mudguard. The number will be issued by the Porter’s Lodge and should be painted on as soon as possible.  Secure your bicycle with a lock and chain whenever it is not in use - theft of cycles is a common problem in Cambridge.   It is wise to have your cycle mechanically checked and to buy a safety helmet and lights before bringing it. Cycling in Cambridge, among thousands of other cyclists, requires special care.

All student bicycles must be marked with the distinguishing letter of the College and with a personal number which will be allocated by the Porters.  This is not only to satisfy University Regulations (Proctors may issue warnings or on-the-spot fines for failure to comply) but also to maximise the chance of the bike’s return should it be stolen.  Information as to accommodation for bicycles in the College should be obtained from the Tutorial Office.;

No bicycle is to be stored on staircases, hallways or in rooms.

Cycling is an easy and convenient way of getting around Cambridge, and the following advice should be followed:

  1. Always obey road traffic regulations as they apply to cyclists.
  2. When possible use cycle lanes/paths.
  3. Riding at night without lights is illegal and dangerous.  Ensure that you have functioning cycle lights with you and spare batteries.
  4. When cycling at night be seen – wear bright and reflective clothing.
  5. Wear a cycle helmet – over half of cycling deaths are caused by head injuries.
  6. Cycling after having consumed alcohol is dangerous.
  7. Ensure that your bike is well maintained.
  8. Pedal cycles: Proctorial Regulations require that bicycles be marked with a special identifying number for each member of the College, issued at The Porter's Lodge.
  9. Parking of cycles: Bicycles may not be left anywhere within the precincts of the College except in the racks to be found facing Red Buildings, along the south side of the Chapel, behind Orchard Building and by the side of Foundress Court. As a precaution against theft, cycles should always be left locked.
  10. Cycles must not be left against the College walls in Trumpington Street or Pembroke Street so as to obstruct the free passage of pedestrians. Cycles offending against these rules will be removed. Cycles must not be ridden on the main College site. Contravention of this rule attracts an automatic fine.

Bus services

Details of the Universal bus service (aka U service) linking the University sites on the west of Cambridge to the city centre and Addenbrooke's can be found at:

A discounted fare of £1 per single journey is available for University Card holders. 

General bus information is available at:

Park and Ride

There are five park and ride sites in Cambridge, which operate every day – at Babraham Road, Madingley Road, Newmarket Road, Milton and Trumpington. For more information, including details of individual hours of operation, visit

All the sites are staffed during opening hours. All sites are secured with barriers after the last bus, but these rise to allow traffic to leave after hours.