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College Regulations

General Conduct

No member of the College shall intentionally or recklessly disrupt or impede or attempt to disrupt or impede the activities and functions of the College.

University Regulations

 All Junior Members (i.e. undergraduate and graduate) of the College are required by University Ordinance to abide by the University Regulations for discipline as set out in the current edition of Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge and any additional Regulations the Proctors may issue from time to time. The University’s student gateway website details much essential information and useful resources including the University rules and regulations and disciplinary procedures. Important Proctorial Notices are displayed both in College and in University buildings. Membership of the College or University does not in any way relieve Junior Members of a citizen's normal obligation to be law abiding and of good conduct in public.

At matriculation, every Junior Member is required to sign a declaration in which they agree to abide by the regulations of the College and the University.

College and University Authorities 

All Junior Members of the College shall comply with any instruction given by a College Officer, or any person authorised to act on behalf of the College in the proper discharge of his or her duties. All Junior Members of the College shall state their names and their membership of the College when asked by an officer of the College, or by one of the University’s Proctors or Pro-Proctors, or other person in authority in the University or in the Colleges in the University.

House Rules

It is a general rule that members of the College shall conduct themselves with consideration for others and shall not unreasonably disturb or disconcert others at any time. Any Junior Member who finds their application too liberal (or unduly restrictive) should consult his or her Tutor: it is important that members of the College do not hesitate to speak up in their own interest in this matter. The College Regulations are directed to this end.​