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University card

Each member of College is issued with a University card. Many of the gates and doors in College are operated by electronic locks and the card is needed to gain entry. The card also functions as a borrowing card for the College Library and also serves as a meals payment card. If you find someone else's card, please hand it immediately to the Tutorial Office (LL3, Ivy Court) or to the Porters. Pembroke is able to programme your card for use in College only. Your card can be also be programmed by the University Library for borrowing books, and by some Departments if you need card access there.

On no account should your University card (or any replacement 'white card' you might have been issued with) be loaned to a third party.  

What do I do if I lose my card?
  • Report the loss to Becky Coombs or Moira Hassett in the Tutorial Office (LL3) immediately so that the card can be cancelled to prohibit unauthorised use.
  • A temporary plain white card, which performs all of the usual functions within College, will be issued to you (white cards will only work within College).
  • Once your university card has been deemed permanently lost the Tutorial Office will order a new one for you from the Card Office. (A new card can be ordered for you immediately, however you are liable for the replacement fee whether or not the old card turns up).
  • Lost cards incur a replacement charge of £15 which will be added to your next College bill. You will be notified by email when the new card arrives. Once it is programmed, your white temporary card will no longer work.

N.B. Replacement cards normally take about 48 hours to arrive in College once they have been ordered (Mon-Fri).

What if my card has been stolen?
  • Report the theft to Becky Coombs or Moira Hassett in the Tutorial Office (LL3) immediately so that the card can be cancelled to prohibit unauthorised use.
  • A new card will be ordered for you.
  • If you have reported the crime to the police station, here or abroad, you should have a crime number. Please provide this to the Tutorial Office and there will be no card replacement fee, otherwise you will be charged as above.
My card is cracked / bent / damaged
  • A crack, however small, will prevent the card from working - you will need to order a new card from the Tutorial Office and hand in the damaged one.
  • Have you been careless with your card? Have you been keeping your card in your back pocket? Sitting on it could cause the card to bend or crack (The card readers will scan through a wallet or card holder so there is no need to keep it in your pocket).
  • The University Card Office charge for "Careless Damage" of cards. If your card has been damaged through carelessness, then you will be charged the replacement cost as for lost cards.
My card isn't working properly
  • Are you holding your card still when showing it to the card reader? The card reader requires patience and you should hold the card still until the light turns green.
  • My card activates some doors but not others. Your permissions will need to be checked
  • Is the card old and faded? It might have just given up - please visit the Tutorial Office.
  • My card is quite new but doesn't work anymore. The card may be from a faulty batch. Please contact the Tutorial Office.
I haven't used my card for a while, and now I can't pay for my meal.

The Buttery payment system is separate from the door system. Try 'updating' your card at a door, eg. JP or Library. This may reactivate it. If not, please go to the Tutorial Office.

I want to use the gym but can't get in.

Gym access is allowed on completion of a one hour gym induction - to book slot, please sign up on Doodle:

My card expires next month

If your course is longer than life of your card, this should be picked up on the Card Office system and a new card automatically issued. You will be notified by the Tutorial Office once the card arrives. Please tell the Tutorial Office if this does not happen - a new one will be ordered for you and takes only a day or two to arrive.